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Meet Wanda

Wanda Alvares is a published Author, a Counsellor, a Certified Nutritionist (awarded a Distinction) and Weight Loss Specialist.  She is also a certified Hypnotherapy practitioner a Wellness Coach & Image Consultant with Ongoing professional educational development and training in Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Ad. Dip.Psy C.). 

When you first meet Wanda you can't miss her warm welcoming smile and striking beautiful hazel eyes.  Here is a very charismatic personality. She is friendly and kind and has an easy calm uncontrived confidence about her that instantly puts you at ease. Her sense of humor and empathic nature comes across as a ray of sunshine to brighten a dull day or comfort a troubled or stressful mind. Wanda ensures that the environment she practices in is safe comfortable friendly and welcoming to all her clients of all backgrounds and cultures.  She uses leading edge approaches to inspire and help her clients to achieve their goal or address the issues they wish to address. Being a novelist she brings an artistic creative approach to her work. Every session is uniquely formulated keeping in mind here client's  specific requirements.  


‘My client’s welfare is my top priority – at all times’ she emphasizes. 


‘I love my profession and I strive wholeheartedly to help my clients to the best of my abilities in discovering their own potential to overcome the obstacles they may have and build a life they desire'. Be it in helping you to lose weight, or to help you manage the  weight your lost or Hypnotherapy and Counselling, Life coaching or Image consultancy you can be sure to receive her full attention and support and offer you personalized approaches designed to your specific requirements.    


'My main endeavor and objective is to help and guide my clients to achieve their goals by positively addressing the obstacles that stand in their way. I draw from my education to help my clients/patients but I I feel blessed that besides my qualification experience and training, it is from my own life thus far that I can draw from as much to help better my practice and help my clients. My travels taught me and continue to teach me a lot about human nature different cultures and how these influence people's lives.  I have shared some of it in the very first book I wrote and was published in 2009 titled ‘Natural Beauty’. This book made the publishers bestseller list.  A book that has helped many of my respected readers around the globe in areas such as, fashion and beauty, relationships,  self Image, self confidence and self esteem  to name just a few of the areas that this  book has been useful to my readers'.


Her book titled 'Natural Beauty' includes an easy to follow program to address common issues  many of us face in life.  'All I did is provide a guide a direction and support - the rest was achieved by the client's own  commitment and motivation'.  She organizes weight loss retreats as well and other self help beauty workshops regularly and if you are interested feel welcome to email on the contact page for more information. 

Wanda went on to write two more books - one of these was published in the year 2013 ( Once Upon a Time there was a Wild Tiger' which will be available on Amazon this year (2017) The 3rd is a Novel - it  looks at the dismal inequality and abuse that many women still face and experience in their life.  "The vast response and feedback, emails and messages I constantly receive make me realize that there are many people out there that need and want this kind of support.   Sometimes just having someone to listen to what they have to say without judging them is enough to ease the confusion...but sadly some of them do not have that support 'network' nor the means to seek the help or support they need.  I try to look into this aspect as well and help my clients in the best possible way I can"


Two years ago Wanda enrolled for her Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice which is ongoing towards completion next year. Here is where she also received her qualification and training in Hypnotherapy and Counseling.  'I continue to add to my skills and keep informed  of the latest developments by enrolling in CPDs (Continuous Professional Development courses) attend seminars and conventions whenever I can to continuously develop and add to my existing knowledge and skills so that I can be in a position to offer the best cutting edge support to my clients'. To support her interest in specializing in Weight loss and Weight management she trained and qualified with DISTINCTION for her Diploma in Advanced Nutrition and Diet. She has effectively helped a number of people lose weight and maintain their weight loss. Her client base is growing rapidly day by day and they are from all over the globe. 'Continuous professional development is an ongoing process that is absolutely necessary if I am to offer my client the very best support they deserve and can count on. Her educational training and work experience has equipped her with the necessary tools to offer specialist support to help her clients achieve their goals. 

'Added to all my qualifications and experience is my genuine desire to help others - Nothing gives me more pleasure to see my clients achieve their goals. I know that I absolutely love my life and my job and I know how wonderful and empowering that feels and I want all my clients to experience their own joys and achievements too'.


Wanda  goes on to add  "With everything I have learnt thus far with my educational and professional background and (CPDs) hands on experience, research, travels and my own life experiences I can say that there are indeed answers to help resolve problems or explore the right solutions to problems if we really want to.  The core to this lies in your self-belief, the ‘never giving up on self’ attitude' and being brave to face the obstacles that life throws at you knowing that you can find solutions to deal with them and if  you cannot do it on your own you can and should  talk to someone - someone who cares, has the time for you, listens to you without judging you, and can stand by you through your difficulties.  If that is not available for you in your own network it is not the end of the world as there is help available - but it is you who has to take that first step to seek the help.  Please do not hesitate to go out there, and seek help - it will change your life for the better'. 


In any of these areas of service available at her Practice, be it in  Counselling and Hypnotherapy, Wellness/Life Coaching or Image consultancy, Nutrition, Weight Loss or Weight Management you will find the very best support. 'My aim is to help my clients achieve their goals, address their issues and improve well being.'

Thus far most of her clients have achieved dramatic results in addressing their issues, set goals and achieve them be it in nutrition and weight loss or other problems such as self confidence, stress, anxiety quit smoking etc to name a few where incredible results have been achieved and profoundly improved my clients' lives. 

'There is something else that I did not learn from books and it is the ability to feel 'empathy'. I am a naturally kind empathic individual - something that no book can teach us.  In this profession it is one of the most important trait to help us help others.  As I mentioned above - these traits and qualities cannot be learnt from books.  These elements to our personality come from our upbringing and the environment we grow in' and our own lives.  'A life coach, a therapist, a counselor, a nutritionist, your GP or any practitioner in these areas of service to whom empathy does not come naturally is not the best choice for you as a client or a patient'. This is the one quality in a practitioner that will make a big difference in the outcome eventually' so look for these qualities in your practitioner'. 

If you wish to find out more about her practice and how she can help you then please contact her on the number that is provided on the contact page or use the 'contact page' to email in your query. If she misses your call, You can expect to receive a response within 24 hours. 


'If there is anything bothering you and you need a solution you must fix it as soon as possible before it goes out of control. Help is available everywhere if you only look for it.  You know that Life is a great gift and it is for living to the fullest best  possible way.   So if you are struggling with issues you cannot handle on your own - Don't wait another day -  SPEAK TO SOMEONE! Speak to me anytime.  It is you who has to take that first step to help yourself. I can assure you that with patience support and practice we can indeed find ways and solutions to our problems'. 

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