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I can help you quite smoking in just One session of two hours if you are ready to help yourself. Yes that is all it can take to help you quit smoking. Give yourself that one chance to get rid of cigarettes from your life and see your health and your life improve dramatically.  Again your participation your commitment and motivation is key. If you want to help yourself to be free of tobacco addiction  you first have to decide you want to be a non smoker. I can offer you my help  if you have decided you want to quit – call for a free consultation and for more detail.  


Deciding To Stop Smoking


I remember exactly where I was who I was with the first time I took a puff of a lit cigarette and how I reacted to that first cigarette puff.  Some people can and will take to it straight away but there are others who will remember how utterly awful it felt and tasted when they inhaled their first puff. Cigarettes are addictive and even though people have heard about this they still try that first puff or two or 10 and blissfully go about their day believing that they can never be addicted to cigarettes. 

They soon realize that they have and it has become a habit and turned into a dependency that they now find difficult to break. Cigarette smoking is a bad habit and a dangerous dependency.  It can ruin your health permanently. Many dangerous serious health issues are associated with cigarette smoke. 

Since Hypnotherapy works well in replacing bad habits and eliminating dangerous dependencies, it is perfect to remove this unhealthy habit from your life.  Hypnotherapy can help you make incredible changes to your subconscious and thus help you to overcome this old habit that is steadily endangering your own health and the health of your loved ones who live with you.  Children and pets are the worst affected with passive smoking.  

If you are prepared to eliminate this dangerous habit Hypnotherapy can help you. It is known to be very effective at arresting triggers that drive you to light up a cigarette. It works with your mind to guide you through a level of deep relaxation to commence your journey towards becoming a non-smoker. Most of my clients go into hypnotherapy as smokers and come out of it as non –smokers. You will remain fully aware throughout the session, and will be able to remember and understand all that you experience. 


A Typical Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session


My hypnotherapy smoking cessation session consists of a 11 Step program that typically lasts for about 2 hours. I use counselling to reinforce the positive changes and eliminate the old unhealthy habit. 

The whole process provides us with enough time to cover all of the essential aspects of your smoking habit.


We begin the session by gathering all the information required and discuss your goals and most importantly your reasons for wanting to stop smoking. We also explore your smoking pattern throughout your day and identify your smoking triggers (these are key moments during the day when you are more likely to want to smoke). We touch upon the repercussions of tobacco dependency and its impact on your health. 


All of this information is then used to create a personalized screed to guide you during the ‘induction’ – to a gentle relaxation, helping you to feel more at ease and further deepen the induction to take you deeper into a trancelike state of mind.  This is required to  allow me full access into your subconscious mind to inspire your natural motivation and confidence, which is vital in order for you to quit smoking.


My quit smoking therapy sessions are personalized designed to to your specific needs.  Your experience will be completely unique to you.  I will also provide you with practical tips and advice on self-hypnosis to help you keep your resolve and important information on tobacco and its poisonous contents and the dangerous impact it can have on your health. This you can read after the session. 

The 2 hour comprehensive session is often enough for clients to make the transition from a smoker to a non-smoker. I cannot emphasize enough times the importance of your  own participation commitment and motivation in your 'quit smoking' hypnotherapy session. All my clients for quit smoking are now healthy non-smokers. They achieved their goal in just one session.  If you are ready to give up  here is your chance ....One chance - one session of 2 hours and your full commitment  is all that you will need. 


Read the testimonials on the testimonial page.


Are You Ready To Give Up? Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • You feel ready to give up smoking

  • You have tried to stop using other methods with only short term success

  • Your health has been affected by long term smoking

  • You feel guilty when thinking about your children and family perhaps hiding your smoking habit from them

  • You are tired of the constant smell of the smoke around you

  • You find the cost of your habit too expensive

  • You would like support to overcome the smoking addiction

  • You want to use an alternative therapy

  • If you are thinking about or trying to quit smoking, and you have identified with this content, I look forward to talking to you about the all important next step towards achieving your goal to become a proud  non-smoker.




Price 200 GBP for 1 session of 2.00 hours.  Consultation is free . 

You get one session one chance as that is all that is required if you are ready to quit and have made up your mind that you no longer want to be a smoker. Your result is dependent on how  committed you are to achieve your goal to be a non-smoker.  If you’d like to discuss hypnotherapy to stop smoking, please call me – I will be happy to hear from you . If I am unreachable leave me a voice or text message message or email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

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