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Weight Loss Management.

Hypnotherapy is being effectively used in the UK and Europe and around the globe to help thousands of people regain control over there eating habits obesity and weight issues. Weight loss with hypnotherapy is a highly successful way to reach your goals and to eliminate bad eating habits. Find out more

Hypnotic Gastric Band

If you are planning to get a surgical gastric band to lose weight,  perhaps you should consider the Hypno Gastric Band before you go for the invasive surgical one.  It has proven to work for many people.  The Hypno Gastric Band is a non-invasive affordable procedure. It cost is a fraction of the cost of a surgical one and the procedure is free from complications that a surgical procedure can pose.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

I can help you quite smoking in just One session of two hours if you are ready to help yourself. Yes that is all it can take to help you quit smoking. Give yourself that one chance to get rid of cigarettes for your life and see your health and your life improve dramatically. Find out more

Stress & Anxiety Management

It is the fundamental root cause of many a health problem for most people.

Freedom From Stress And Anxiety:

Personal Or Group Corporate Workshops

These experiential workshops are designed to equip you with all  necessary tools to create more balance & well being in your life. Find out more

Performance Hypnotherapy

Designed for Athletes, Sports professionals, Actors,  Musicians,  Stage performers, Public speakers.

Enhanced Performance Through Hypnotherapy. The secret of your success is in the way you utilise your mind. Your body may be responsible for achieving a fraction of what is needed to perform. The rest comes from your mind and your capability to bring your mind and body in sync with each other. 

Other Areas of Expertise

Pain management - Hypnotherapy can help you eliminate pain effectively  – it has helped many people manage pain where all else has failed. 


Anxiety Fears and Phobias- Hypnotherapy is the quickest way to successfully treat Anxiety Fears and Phobias. 


Habits – Hypnotherapy is particularly useful to help change or replace old unhealthy habits. Such as, nail chewing,  uncontrolled snacking  eating etc.  


Relaxation - suitable for anyone.  It is pleasurable and calming and will make you feel relaxed refreshed and peaceful

in just one session. 

For  details - Please call or leave your contact details on the contact page and we will call you back.

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