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Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress & Anxiety is the fundamental root cause of many a health problem for most people. Hypnotherapy is very effective in tacking stress and anxiety .


Freedom From Stress And Anxiety: Personal Or Group Corporate Workshops

My sessions are designed to equip you with all of the necessary tools to create more balance and well being in your life.


Are you one of the many individuals who are suffering with the potentially harmful effects of stress?


Are you interested in the benefits of providing stress awareness and support within your organization or company to your employees?


Are you suffering with one or more of the symptoms listed below?

  • Irritability

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Difficulty in meeting deadlines

  • Feeling overwhelmed 

  • Feelings of fear and anxiety

  • Depression

  • Fatigue

  • Poor concentration 

  • Physical complaints – back ache/headaches

  • Would you like to learn specific tools and techniques that teach you how to release stress and anxiety and improve your lifestyle? If your answer is yes you should contact me.  





If anxiety is having a negative impact on your life, and you’d rather use a natural, medication-free approach that works at the root of the issue, hypnotherapy may be the solution you’re looking for. Most clients have seen success and begun to feel better within 4 to 5 sessions. 

About Anxiety:

Feelings of anxiety come from your subconscious and therefore are not under your control. As hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level, the part of your mind that is responsible for behaviour and emotions, hypnotherapy is able to work at the root of the problem and essentially reprogram your mind to prevent those unwanted feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts.


My hypnotherapy sessions are uniquely and specifically formulated to you based on information gained from our initial free consultation, and  thereafter as we progress during our sessions. Whether you are experiencing a general, unexplained anxiety or an anxiety that is related to a specific event or a trauma, I can help you. Hypnotherapy is a gentle, safe, and relaxed way to resolve your anxiety.

Many people with an anxiety problem don’t understand what is causing it, this leads to further anxiety and feelings of fear helplessness and lack of control.  The usual treatment for anxiety is medication. Medical drug does not always work and has side-effects. which can be very unpleasant. To succeed in tackling Anxiety it is important to resolve the root cause understand what is causing it as it is different for everyone. Hypnotherapy and counselling is very effective in treating anxiety as it strives to explore the root cause and eliminate it. 


My Hypnotherapy sessions uses  gentle guided Visualisation techniques and triggers  to promote well being self confidence and relaxation and encourages your mind to reprogramme itself to create the changes that are necessary.


What To Expect From Our Sessions:

We begin by discussing your experiences to find out as much as possible about your anxiety levels . This allows us  to create a personalized unique programme specifically for your needs and  to help you overcome the condition. All my Hypnotherapy sessions are tailor-made to suit each individual.

All sessions will be complemented by Counselling to reinforce the positive changes from your hypnotherapy sessions. 

Goals Of Our Sessions


Your experience will be confortable gentle, and caring and I will  guide you towards uncovering and understanding what is causing your anxiety, your current thoughts and feelings, and help you to:

  • Identify the key triggers causing your  anxiety symptoms.

  • Build self confidence.

  • Use new ways to respond  to events and situations that cause you anxiety.

  • Increase relaxation. 

  • Increase your ability to stay in control so you can handle your usual anxiety triggers and situations calmly and confidently.

  • Reduce stress increase relaxation and promote well being

  • Control your anxiety.



Anxieties That I Can Help With:

The various types of anxiety that I can support you through are listed below, however, if you are experiencing an anxiety that is not mentioned, please feel free to contact me to discuss this


Generalised anxiety:

Lasting for a period of time and affecting different areas of life socially emotionally and psychologically.


Specific Phobias:

Fears of specific places objects animals or people can be developed at any time resulting in anxiety and extreme fears which can affect lifestyle and create avoidance of situations, places, and people.


Social Anxiety:

Anxieties around being in social situations possibly with people you do not know or where you fear embarrassing yourself. Avoidance of these situations.

Panic Disorder:

Recurrent unpredictable episodes of anxiety, with panic attacks, resulting the urge to avoid situations.

Hypnotherapy For Anxiety FAQs


Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Some clients see results in 4 session others require more.


Q: Success Rates

A: Hypnotherapy has a high success rate in treating anxiety however as usual your participation is vital.  We will have to work together to help free you from anxiety.

Q: Who is this treatment most suitable for?

A: Hypnotherapy is suitable for almost anyone. It is ideal for those that prefer not to take medication, or have tried everything else and did not help. It is also perfect for people who have deep-rooted problems that need to be explored uncovered and worked through.


Q: What are your session fees and duration?

A: All sessions last for one hour and cost £65


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