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Performance Hypnotherapy

Performance hypnotherapy designed for Athletes, Sports professionals, Actors,  Musicians,  Stage performers, Public speakers:


Enhanced Performance Through Hypnotherapy. 

The secret of your success is in the way you utilise your mind. Your body may be responsible for achieving a fraction of what is needed to perform. The rest comes from your mind and your capability to bring your mind and body in sync with each other. 

What Your Mind Can Conceive Your Mind Will Achieve!

My sessions include hypnotherapy and Life Coaching/Counselling.

Achieving Results:

Does your profession require you to be focused and disciplined?

Are you a ready to achieve greater levels within your field?

Are you experiencing personal blocks that may be preventing you from developing?

Would you like to discover how to tap into your unlimited potential and achieve great things?

Personalized Packages:

Personalized sessions designed to your specific needs .

If you are experiencing challenges with your ability to perform at your optimum best and and want to find out how I can help then contact me for a free consultation.


65 GBP per session. 


60 minutes per session.

Number of session is dependent on individual cases.

If you have any questions about any of the services mentioned on these pages please send me a message on the contact form provided on the contact page and I will get back to you within 24 hours 


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