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Weight Loss Packages


What is on Offer?


My aim is to provide my clients a weight loss program that produces results. My clients have lost weight and kept it off. I pride myself on delivering a personalized program and expertise based on evidence and the latest respected scientific studies. When I have a question or my clients have questions the answer or answers to which I may not have at the time I make sure I research it and do whatever is required to find the answers. I don't stop looking until I have the information I need to help my clients.  


Based on observation it is learned that losing weight is fairly easy and many can do so by themselves by reducing calories by whatever method. What is not easy is to maintain it. In fact, 95-98 percent of people who lose weight regain the weight lost and invariably put on more for good measure. It is inevitable and there are many reasons for that.  One is the physiology of the human body and how it works.  Additionally, people tend to lose the focus necessary to maintain the weight loss and thus begins the dangerous 'yo-yo' cycle. What is required is an approach that works and not simply repeating the same weight loss methods time and time again and hopes to achieve permanent results or permanent success this time around.   It does not work that way. You cannot rush your body and mind. 


Here with me, I will be with you throughout your weight loss journey.  As your Nutritionist and Weight loss specialist,

you will receive a one hundred percent specialized individualized plan and a program designed just for you. 


You will have a private initial consultation with me, following that you will meet or speak with me regularly during the course of the weight loss program. It does not end there,  in fact, its only the 1st phase of your program. The 2nd phase is as important as the 1st phase if not more. It will be discussed with you depending on your specific requirements for completion of the 1st phase. During our initial meeting, all the details of your plan will be explained prior to commencing your very own personalized weight loss program.   


Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see my clients achieve their goal.  I want every one to achieve their weight loss goals and get healthier, fitter and more energetic and to be able to do it effectively systematically and permanently. The feel good factor renewed vitality and happiness associated with a healthy weight loss is priceless and I want you to experience it too.




We will discuss your specific weight issues and address one issue at a time, step by step and incorporate what is necessary. Your health remains the number one priority.  Our weight loss program begins with the rebalancing of  your system taking into consideration the importance of addressing health issues such as,  Insulin response, Hyperglycaemia, Thyroid problems, intestinal   Infections and other hormonal imbalances that are known to have a  huge impact on our weight gain or loss when these lose their healthy balance.  Research has evidenced how life style changes diets and behavioral changes may be all you need often to mostly or even completely resolve your health issues. 


Understanding how our body works, the  health implication of what we do what we eat, why we become overweight or cannot maintain the weight we lose is one of the secrets to weight loss success. We will discuss this in more detail. The 'feel good' factor associated with a healthy weight is invaluable and worth our every effort to achieve it. With my program, not only will you lose weight the healthy way, you will also see a significant increase in energy levels, your skin will look clearer healthier and more radiant,  you will begin to feel more energetic and feel better and healthier than you did in years. 



Package 1 


Phase 1

6 sessions (6 weeks)

Duration:  50 to 60 minutes each ( the session will be telephonically or personal meetings ) 

Total Price for Phase 1 -  360 GBP

All fees are payable prior to the commencement of the program. 

Affordable payment options available if required. 


New Offer


Free counseling sessions with all weight loss packages. 

The number of counseling sessions is between 4 to 6 sessions.  


Session 1. We begin with a set of questions -  the answers to which will provide the basis on which I begin to formulate your specific plan.  We will assess your current body composition, nutritional habits, your food preferences and discuss what is specific to your unique needs and lifestyle. My weight loss program and diet plan are built on the assessment of your present health and we will continue to do so throughout the course of your weight loss program. Your health is the number one priority.  We will establish your goal and formulate a plan on how we are going to achieve your weight loss goal. We will discuss past struggles, your hopes for treatment and your expectations. Your personalized weight loss plan will be tailor-made to your specific needs and to rebalance your body chemistry. In all of this, your one hundred percent commitment to follow through is very important. Without which no one can help you.

This package Includes a systematic personalized diet plan,  practical counseling, and lifestyle changes.


PS. Be well informed that there are no magic pills here and no miracles, it's a simple fact that if you want to achieve results you will have to be prepared to give it your one hundred percent commitment and your focus and take responsibility to do what it takes and follow through with the plan I formulate for you to achieve your weight loss goals. When exercise and workouts are incorporated you will have to do your exercises but you're free to choose your time of the day as convenient to you. Whether you prefer outdoors or wish to join a gym is you your choice and cost. 


Weight loss is 70% Nutrition and 30% Exercise. 


Subsequent Sessions  (this can be a personal meeting or a telephone conversation) -  Subsequent sessions begin with a review of the previous week. what we did, old habits replaced with healthy new habits and much more to address your specific unique nutrition and diet needs   We will look at what has been working for you and what you may have struggled with, and make adjustments to your diet and exercise plan as required. Throughout our time together we will work in collaboration and we will focus on what is important to you and what is necessary to facilitate positive results and achieve your goal. 


Phase 2 Maintenance phase

All details will be provided on completion of phase 1. The maintenance phase lasts for 3 to 9 months)

This phase is equally important and if you are serious about maintaining your weight loss you should consider signing up for the same. Additional nominal fees are payable to join the maintenance phase. 


At the end of this unique and final program, we will explore what you will be taking forward with you into your healthier happier slimmer future.


Pre-requisite -Your one hundred percent commitment and focus to follow through your program and in achieving your goal is non-negotiable. I can help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss but from you, I need your one hundred percent commitment. You have to be prepared and ready to let me help and support you in your weight loss journey and take responsibility to achieve your goal. Together is how we will achieve success. 


Additional health support to help your weight loss program is available. We have Hypnotherapy and Hypnotic gastric banding, and therapeutic Counselling available to all our client at an additional fee.   Self-defeating behaviors and Self-confidence issues can sabotage your weight loss. Practical Coaching and Professional Counseling will eliminate these hidden obstacles and empower you. This is a challenge that involves our mind as much as it does our body and therefore it is necessary to address any issues (mental or physical) to achieve results and your goal.  


P.S.  All my weight loss programs include practical and professional counseling if I see it necessary and appropriate and useful for my client, For a limited period  I will offer you free counseling at no extra cost in this program.

A complete weight loss printed handout will be provided to you at the beginning of the program. This file will offer you support and you can use it to reference it much after your program is completed. This will be your personalized program and therefore nontransferable. You will be supported regularly throughout the program by emails or texts.  If you have chosen package one you will receive email or text support for the duration of the program (6 weeks for package one and 10 weeks for package two)  Likewise throughout the maintenance phase if you sign up for the same. 


During the 1st phase, the follow-up and consultation session (telephone or personal meeting )will be scheduled approximately 1 or 2 weeks after the 1st consultation/sessions so on and so forth as we progress to the end of the 1st phase.  he rest of the sessions (if you progress into phase 2) are generally booked fortnightly. These will be by telephone with one personal meeting every month until the end of the maintenance phase. 


Package II

10 sessions of 50 to 60 minutes each. (10 weeks) 

Telephonically or in person 

Price  -  600 GBP

All fees are payable prior to the commencement of the program

Installment facility available.  


Same as in Package I but with additional weeks and counseling session in phase 1 followed by phase 2 (the maintenance phase).


Additional fees are payable for the maintenance phase which will be discussed with you on completion of phase 1.  



Personal Workshop 

One session (personal meeting)  One-month email support

Price: 200 


This is a 2 1/2 hours personal workshop. This workshop is focused on you. It includes a hypnotherapy and a counseling session for weight loss and a personalized nutritional plan formulated to meet your unique needs. It is packed with ideas and advice to ensure that you achieve and maintain your target weight, improve your relationship with food, learn to love exercise, get fit, feel inspired and feel better about yourself. Brief Image consultancy is offered too. 


We will discuss your hopes and expectations and what you want to address, your past struggles with dieting and lifestyle habits and what you need to know and do not to repeat the same diet mistakes of the past. This is an important aspect to achieve your present weight loss goal and become the person you really want to be. We will discuss and plan strategies on how you can incorporate changes into your life which you feel will work for you. After which you will receive email and text support for a month. 


Generally, my clients do not need additional sessions after the end of this course, but many do come back and book a session of hypnotherapy for the wonderful experience of relaxation and rejuvenation that hypnotherapy brings about which is well known for strengthening resolve and increase one's focus on setting goals and achieving them.  



A single hypnotherapy/ counseling session of 50 to 60  minutes is priced at 65 GBP. 


All the pricing listed in all the weight loss packages above do not include any other costs or tests such as food intolerance tests and supplements or other weight loss tools should any be necessary or of interest to you. 


Corporate packages


It is not rocket science, its a fact that a fit healthy happy satisfied employee will contribute more towards your business productivity. I have worked in the corporate sector for many years to notice and know first hand how low levels of fitness, fatigue, poor diet, stress and lack of focus, lack of support can impact the performance and commitment of employees.  It is a very simple solution -  Increase your employee satisfaction to increase productivity and even see your own feel good factor shine through!  It's not just about incentives and skills training workshops that employees need, Your employee/s needs more than that. It is to do with fitness, mental and physical health, happiness. The well being of your employee is very important and is what will make the difference between success and failure. These findings are based on research. 


I now work with employers and HOD' to support their staff to improve their fitness levels, reduce and manage work-related stress levels, Weight loss and improve their health. I use an integrative approach which invariably results in happier healthier fitter and a more productive team.  


Please contact by telephone or email us on the 'contact page' to find out the details of my corporate programs and to discuss how I can work with you in this regard.  



Weight loss for a special event or occasion - Xmas/New Year, Weddings or Summer holidays

Email us on the 'contact page' for details and we will get back to you within 24 hours with the information you require.  







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