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You have a choice. Here you can choose to support your Weight loss plan with Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is being effectively used in the UK and Europe and around the globe to help thousands of people regain control over their eating habits obesity and weight issues. Weight loss with hypnotherapy is a highly successful way to reach your weight loss goal and to eliminate bad eating habits. Hypnotherapy combined with counselling is going to help you however when combined with  nutritional changes and dietetic changes monitored  by a professional nutritionist the results can and will be dynamic. This combination is invaluable in your journey to a slimmer healthier you.   

In this section lets talk about the important roll that Hypnotherapy plays in addressing  the core issues that may be keeping you trapped in a destructive pattern of eating and behaving with food . Hypnotherapy sets in the resolve to see you through to achieving your weight loss AND weight management goals. Anyone can lose weight for a week a month or two but  if you do not manage it for the long haul you will regain it all back and some more for good measure. If your goal is permanent weight loss you need to work towards a life style change. If you need to know more on this and what I offer and how I can help contact me.  

I can help you  transform your relationship with food, and with yourself, so that you can reduce your weight. This is not some strict calorie counting or elimination of food groups. Losing weight is never about dieting it is about changing your eating habits and your food choices.

While we take care of your food choices through a personalized nutritional and diet plan,  We  also support you with Hypnotherapy or practical coaching to address issues such as low self-esteem, stress, food cravings, comfort eating, negative eating patterns, and other factors that may be causing you to gain weight or struggle to lose it. We never underestimate the effect these can have in your weight loss journey. 


To begin with I will need your one hundred percent commitment . Nothing can happen without  your complete committed participation. 

If you agree to have hypnotherapy to guide you through your weight loss journey, You will be guided to use the power of your own mind to tap into your potential and inherent ability to control your thoughts and behavior in relation to food habits and life style.

Hypnotherapy works with our subconscious mind to replace old habits that often sabotage our weight loss goals with new positive thoughts, that change old habits and behaviors and help us lose excess weight.  It is well evidenced  by now that our thoughts can affect our behavior and the choices we make. We are what we think we are and hypnotherapy is an effective way to guide our thoughts to help change negative defeatist thoughts, have the body that we want and create the life that we desire . Hypnotherapy can address many other issues that could be blocking your weight loss goals. 

It is through the power of your mind that you will see beyond most hindrances that have been standing in your way blocking your success in achieving what you desire. 

During  a hypnotherapy session my voice will guide you gently to tap into the vast resources of your mind and unlock your potential. 


What To Expect From Our Sessions


This is a 4 to 8 + session course depending on the amount of weight loss desired or required. In my weight loss and manage management plan for you there are no fad diets or quick fixes. We join forces to achieve your permanent weight loss.  


Here I describe what you can expect  during hypnotherapy alone. Nutritional support is another part of your plan as per your personal and unique needs.


Session 1

We will begin with my getting to know you, collect all the necessary information about your eating habits, understand what difficulties and challenges you have been experiencing, and discuss your weight loss goal. Your initial hypnotherapy session will be specifically tailored to your needs and will start the work in creating powerful changes to your subconscious mind.

Sessions 2, 3 & 4

I will address issues you may have such as resistance  hidden gains past conditioning or anything else that may have been responsible for your lack of motivation or willpower. This will unlock your potential and natural drive towards achieving your goal. It is at this stage that many clients begin to feel more confident and notice that they are motivated to eat in a balanced way, without resistance. They notice that they feel more energized and confident and weight loss has begun. 

Session 5

We look at the outcome and your progress.  At this point if necessary I can offer you the option of having a.  Hypnotic Gastric Band to enhance your weight reduction further.


b. Advanced Nutrition and Diet plan tailored fully to your weight loss needs. This may involve a food intolerance test plus other necessary steps before your new diet commences. The price for which is not included here.

What is a hypnotic gastric band?

The hypnotic gastric band is a non-surgical procedure that provides the same benefits as the surgical gastric band does in reducing appetite and making you feel satiated sooner.


All sessions will be complemented by counseling and post therapy support such as guidance and handouts for self hypnosis, affirmations visualization and triggers to reinforce the positive changes from the hypnotherapy sessions you completed with me. 


What to expect from Hypnotherapy. 

If you’ve not experienced hypnosis before, or if you have any questions or concerns, I’d like to put you at ease. Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience. It is powerful in achieving results but gentle in its approach and one that you are in complete control of. You will be gently guided by my voice to enter a comfortable state of mind, which can also be described as a pleasant relaxing trance like state of mind.  At this point it is important to know that this is nothing new to us. As explained in the pages above - You experience a similar state of mind countless times throughout your day: when are driving, reading, engaged in a film, fantasizing, lost in thought thinking of another time yet present in the here and now.  During our session I will gently guide you into a similar natural, relaxed state of mind through a process we call ‘induction’ which allows for deeper access into your creative, subconscious mind which is where hypnosis begins its work. You will be fully alert and awake at all times aware of everything, actively involved in the therapeutic sessions, and will be able to remember everything you have experienced after the completion of the session.

  • Initial Consultations is free of charge.

  • Hypnotherapy sessions :  4 to 6 + Session (depending on the weight loss required)

  • Duration:   60 minutes per session 

  • Price:  65 GBP per hypnotherapy session


  • Advanced Nutrition and Diet plan for Weight Loss package.

  • Price : Will be charged according to the plan and package you select (please read about the packages on the Weight loss packages page). 

  • ​Easy payment options available. ​


Call us for a free consultation. 

Weight Loss Management

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