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Life Coach & Image Consultant

  • Life Coaching can help you with decisions you struggle with.

  • Boost your self-confidence and self esteem

  • Create more time for Self/Time management

  • Focus on what is important to you.

  • Identify and Achieve Goals 

  • Overcome Obstacles.



"I have always been interested in Psychology, Personality and Image development. Some years ago I decided to give myself a chance to do what I love most. It was about 7 year ago when my first book was published that I started my image and style consultancy services and it grew from strength to strength ever since. My qualifications, training, work experience and personal experiences have given me the necessary understanding in the dynamics of helping others, helping people find their dreams, overcome obstacles that stand in their way and achieve their goals'. 

I feel fortunate to have had the privilege to work and live in different parts of the world with people of different backgrounds and cultures. I did not know it at the time but I realize now that I learnt a lot from my travels too which helped in my own self development.  A platform where I could be with and gather invaluable insights from people’s lives, observe and learn different lifestyles partake in varied traditions and cultures.  These things have always intrigued me and today realize that they are one of the biggest source of education I draw from to help myself and others. Added to my academic background these experiences prove invaluable to my practice. 


The greatest source of knowledge is experience’


The remarkable thing about us humans is that we are adaptable flexible and incredibly fast learners.  Our brain has an infinite capacity to change and support our desires our behaviors and we can draw upon this flexibility to change our thinking and our habits around anything we desire a change with.  Humans can achieve that what they set out to achieve if they believe they can and if they really want to. Sometimes a little nudge, a little push in the right direction is all that it takes to begin that journey. The results can be incredibly amazing. Here is where  the support of a professional empathic supportive  life coach can make a big difference. 

When necessary I combine practical life coaching with counselling, hypnosis and hypnotherapy and these have proved to bring the most dramatic results to my clients. This combination of approaches compliment one another and thus empower the process and the outcome is always dynamic.  In my practice you have access to all of the above.  

A word about self confidence and self belief.

Self belief and self confidence are important in every sphere of our life.  And if you are suffering from low self esteem or lack of self confidence Life Coaching can be highly effective in addressing these issues. We know that it is not far-fetched or unbelievable that dreams can come true. I can say this because I have made my own dreams come true in my life and have the privilege to watch my clients  do the same with my practical life coaching and image consultancy services. 

Often it is a lack of self-confidence that can keep many people rooted in a life where they lose sight of themselves and sometimes forget somewhere along the line that there is more to life then to remain stuck in a 'comfort zone'  that is ruining their  chances for a better life. Change however can only come by when you make a decision and take concrete steps to change whatever it is you decide you want to change.  Life is a precious gift to be lived to the fullest with passion joy and sometimes even carefree abandon.  For many people this isn't the case and it could be if they want it to be.

Lack of Self Confidence can be extremely debilitating and drown people in self-doubt and fear.  Lack of self -confidence, low self-image and low self-esteem can impact people very negatively and keep them from living satisfying full-filling lives.  As a matter of fact it is the root cause of many an obstacle and can even trigger mental health issues in some cases.  A thousand doubts and fears can block our path preventing us from achieving our goals and or stop us from achieving our dreams.  This could be in all areas - such  Relationships (all kinds of relationships) Romantic relationships, family, work,  being trapped in a wrong relationship or a loveless disrespectful abusive relationship, a job that you hate or it could be colleagues/bosses at work making your life miserable,  job issues, job interview - it could be self doubt about your personal appearance and self-image, victim to bullying or discrimination …  the list is endless.  Low self-confidence and self-esteem can be your number one enemy.  If this is happening to you do not waste a single day in such a painful existence. It is time you take action and take back control of your life. There is help available and if you decide you want to get some of that help for yourself then it is you that has to act now - go out there get the help you want - ask for it and begin your journey to a better and happier life and become a   more confident attractive you.

There is nothing more empowering than self confidence. 


One to one support has helped many people through the  ages in Life Coaching . However the same can be achieved  telephonically - I offer both.  The benefits of seeking the support of a Life Coach is invaluable when your life is not going according to how you want it to go and you feel lost or clueless on how to address the issues impacting your life. This is when the presence of a life coach in your life can be invaluable to guide  you through your difficult and challenging times. A life coach can be that 'rock' you can turn to when you need someone to guide you, believe in you and  stand by you.

Be aware that your commitment belief and motivation is key to your success in achieving any of your goals whether it is by yourself or with the support of your Life Coach, your Hypnotherapy and Counselling Practitioner or your Nutritionist. Your continuous commitment motivation and belief is a prerequisite. There is no 'magic pill' to transform you - this is work real work and your total commitment is key". 


  • Build/boost Self Confidence 

  • Strengthen Self-Esteem 

  • Build and strengthen Self- Image 

  • Maximize your potential 

  • Identify and focus on what is important to you 

  • Make decisions confidently in job related areas career and relationship matters

  • Increase Self-love and make more time for self  (Me time)

  • Achieve goals. 

  • Personal development and Image consultancy 

Timing : Monday to Friday 10 am till late hours

Weekend appointments available. 


Trial Consultation  - I offer a 30 minute trial consultation over the phone. An initial trial consultation is very important to help you decide if you wish to continue with me as your coach. 

  • During the first meeting we will discuss your current situation, explore and look carefully at the areas you need help with. I will then make an assessment of everything we discussed to formulate the sessions and explain to you the  ways with which I maybe able to guide  and coach you to address your issues and achieve your goals. All your sessions will be formulated  to your specific requirement. 

  • Cost of the trail consultation is 10 GBP (this is adjustable against any package that you choose)

  • If you decide to work with me then we move forward to choose and book your date and time, fill in your contact details and you will then proceed to the payment page. 

  • I offer a 3 month tele package, a 6 month tele package and a 12 month tele package. All packages have  personal face to face support offered to you depending on the package you select and your geographical location. You will receive regular email support besides the telephone support depending on the package selected. Please call me for further details on the specific packages. I will be happy to help with any clarifications you may have. 

       Wanda Alvares 

Frequently Asked Questions


1.How does Coaching Work?

You are probably wondering how long coaching takes to work, what happens when you commit to coaching and what you can expect to achieve. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:


2.What do I have to do?

Coaching mostly takes place on the phone. 

Duration: between 50 to 60 minutes.

You book an allotted time to call and we take it from there. Face to face coaching can also be arranged.


3.How Many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions depends on what you wish to achieve. I usually suggest that clients commit to three months coaching in order to see progress. 


4.How often should I have a session?

Usually clients like one session a week initially and then fewer and fewer as they reach their goal. I work with the client’s needs.


5.What does the coach do?

My job is to help you clarify what it is you wish to address, Make an accurate assessment  explore your present situation and discuss your future goal. I will then  conceptualize a personalized plan  and achievable strategies to help you get to where you want to be.

  • As your Coach I will be fully committed to your success and guide you inspire and motivate you so can achieve your goal as effortlessly as possible.

  •  I will also require that you be fully committed to the process I come up with for your success.

  •  I will be available in between sessions for free email coaching to support you on an ongoing basis.

  • Offer Complete confidentiality

  •  Be your support, the hand you can reach out to  - when you need to.

  •  Offer you unconditional support throughout the coaching process.


6. Is it Therapy?

Life Coaching and Image consultancy is an extremely dynamic approach on its own merit as it takes a practical effortless route to help you to address your issues and achieve your goal.   However I am also a Nutritionist and Diet adviser, a Hypnotherapist and Counselor.  I have specialized in weight loss stress/ anxiety management and quit smoking. These qualifications compliment each other and help me to explore more deeply and clarify more accurately what might be holding your back. It also helps the client achieve targeted goals (Please check my website for the full list of services I offer, qualifications)


When Can I start?

You can start anytime you wish.

Go to the ‘contact page’ and book your trial consultation. Or call me directly on the phone number provided on the contact page.  If I cannot be reached please leave a message or text  and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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