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Power of Your Mind Hypnosis

 -Wanda Alvares

Our mind is like an Ocean - deep... intense... mysterious... there is a great deal going on under the surface hidden from view.  


The term the ‘unconscious mind’ was coined by Ernst Platner - However we know that Philosophers Psychologists and Thinkers like Sigmond Freud, Carl Jung, Shakespeare, Nietzsche through their work and scholarly research knew that there was some kind of a multi pronged complexity to the human mind that lay mostly dormant but powerful that was well worth exploring and they did.

Studies evidence that there is a link between our thoughts and our beliefs and it is this that usually shapes our experiences in life. The way we think and feel about ourselves can have an impact on our life in general.  It can have an effect on our personality, our character our choices and our behavior.  The way our mind works, the mindset we possess also impacts our self-confidence, self esteem and self worth. Therefore the life that we want very much depends on our mindset, our thoughts and our beliefs. Our life can be improved goals can be achieved by changing our mind-sets.  It would be a mistake not to explore and harness this inherent power within us if it is beneficial to us.  Each one of us has this potential. Some of us can do this on our own but  there will be many among us who will need guidance and support. This is where Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and Counselling can help. There is enough evidence to confirm that Hypnosis relaxes our body and at the same time enhances our focus which sharpens and heightens our ability to find these dormant powers lying within the vast recesses of our subconscious mind and make the desired changes we wish to make.    


As we all agree that Life is for living and there will be times when there will be challenges we must face ...its part of being alive and some of these challenges come and go without causing too much damage.  Some challenges are eventually overcome but there are those that can impact us and sometimes even cripple our life. Many of us handle them well by ourselves stay in control but there are others that will need support. It is important to know that no matter how big a challenge you may be facing, you cannot allow it to ‘paralyze’ you and keep you rooted in misery and sadness - there is help out there.  For an example, bad habits have ruined many a human life and no one  was born that way. Habits are learned actions and thus can just as easily be unlearned. A very small minority of people can consciously unlearn bad habits and replace them with healthy ones on their own but most people are unable to do that on their own – these are the people who can greatly benefit from hypnotherapy to help begin their new life's journey in the right direction.  This is where Hypnotherapy and Counselling can help and will help if you accept it. Even if we know we have that inherent ability or power within us most of us don’t know how to connect with it.  There could be a thousand reasons for that but If you want to change something about your life or in your life that is negatively impacting you and the people you love then it is time to make the changes.  It is up to you to do something about it and give yourself  a chance to find out explore uncover and understand what it is that holds you back from living the life you desire.  If you are ‘stuck in the rut’ confused and unable to do anything to help yourself but would like to - it is time to seek help. Take action now, you can overcome whatever it is you wish to overcome or resolve for a better happier life if that is what you want but it is you who has to realize and decide that you want help and are ready to take action to address your issues.

Give Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Counselling a chance to help you.


Hypnotherapy has shown to be effective in addressing many issues. It is particularly effective in addressing Stress Anxiety Phobias and Pain. Other issues it works well with are  Depression, Smoking Addictions, Weight issues and Personal performances such as Jobs interviews, sports, public speaking and stage.

Many people turn  to hypnotherapy as a last recourse to help themselves and address the issues they struggle with.  Hypnotherapy can help you address these problem if you are prepared to help yourself have to bear in mind that your input is vital for your success at every stage of the process. 


Experts in this field have conducted extensive research and studies and their findings indicate that Hypnotherapy is actually one of the most powerful and effective therapies that can be useful to address many of our issues mentioned on this page above better than many other therapies. There is proof that people have experienced positive results with hypnotherapy and addressed problems that seemed otherwise hopeless. However it varies from person to person as is common in any therapy or treatment.  There are no guarantees even in the medical field for that matter. Some of the results could also very well be connected to how we perceive the treatment or the help we seek. 

Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive safe pleasurable experience that delivers results.  You have to go to your first  consultation with your practitioner with a positive mind and understand how your mindset can work for you or against you.  Make sure you have the right information about hypnosis - if you have any questions ask your hypnotherapists to clarify.  The next step is to seek a personalized program designed to your specific needs this will help achieve definite positive results. I cannot stress enough how important and crucial your commitment is from the very start for Hypnotherapy and Counselling to work for you.  A qualified therapist who is empathic and fully committed to guiding you throughout the process towards achieving your goal is very important for a successful outcome. You need a Practitioner that can guide you through at your own pace - a pace that you are comfortable with.  


There are practitioner and there are practitioners in this field and it has been noted and seen that often times over-confidence in a therapist/practitioner (among other things) can impact the quality of the therapy they deliver. The only one that will experience disappointed is you (the client) because it can and will hinder or impact the outcome of your therapy.   Therefore  It is your duty to choose your therapist wisely.  A CONFIDENT well-versed qualified certified practitioner is who you want NOT AN OVERCONFIDENT one. 


If you have any issues you want to resolve, if you are battling with smoking addiction, weight gain, stress, pain, anxiety phobias, fear, bad habits or lack of self confidence and self esteem and want to find out more  and how we can help you then feel free to call me or leave me message on the contact page .  I will be happy to hear from you. 

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